Monday, February 8, 2010

February Blahs

So February has started off as a bit of a downer.

First, and most importantly, our friends Rob and Joce had to say good-bye to their old girl Bee on the weekend. This is a pic of Bee and her sister, Keeper. Bee was a super cool old girl and she did great up until her last few days. She was a true survivor and made me just fall in love with senior citizen GSPs.

RIP sweet Bee (1996-2010)

Keeper (in blue) and Bee (in yellow)

Second, my football team lost yesterday. Sigh! Now, I'm not upset up N.O. winning, 'cuz I think they are a city that could use some good news. It was just that Indy blew it on a bad pass by Peyton. Oh well. There's always next year.

Third, darn Razzie hasn't gone in to heat yet, which could throw a serious wrench into our travel plans. (Can't kennel a hot dog!) Well, we have three weeks until we start to panic!

And just one for the road, here's what Booger gets up to when he's bored.