Sunday, July 18, 2010

The gang's all here!

Wow! Just noticed I haven't posted in awhile. To make up for it, I have puppy pix!

That's right -- Razzie had her puppies on May 22, and we brought her home (for good) yesterday. And we resisted the temptation to add to the family -- we think we deserve a gold star!

The puppies are: boys -- Bailey, Bolt, Billy and Moses; girls -- Ditta and Rosa. (For those of you less familiar with running they are all the names of famous runners -- talk to Rich, who suggested the names.)

Here are some shots of the little wigglers (who start going home to their permanent homes today).

Ooo ... you must have something good in your hand.
Momma Raz guarding the pups from Bo!
Puppy nose!
Tired from playing
Bogey relaxing after some horsing around with Raz.
Raz back as queen of the castle -- after her 2 1/4 mile run with Rich this morning.