Monday, December 20, 2010


Once again it’s time to wrap up the year for our friends and family. If you follow this blog, you probably already know most of the high- (and low-) lights.

2009 ended on a sad note for us. Shortly after Christmas, we had to put Roxane to sleep. She was very ill and the vet confirmed that nothing further could be done. We still miss our little grey kitten, but are comforted knowing she is out of pain.

In March, we returned Shiraz to the breeder to be bred for her last litter of puppies, Bo went to camp and we went to the Caribbean.
At the end of May, Shiraz had six puppies (2 girls and 4 boys). We picked her up (for good) at the end of July. Bo was thrilled to have his big sister home … it’s amazing how close the two of them became. She was fixed in September, so no more pups for Razzie!

In August, my niece Sophie came and stayed with us for a week. We had a great time shopping and doing tourist things.

In September, we made the decision to move one more time. We have purchased a new home in the Village of Carp and will hopefully be moving at the end of June. We will no doubt have many updates as construction moves into full swing.

Work has been busy for both Rich and I, but no job changes this year. Richard’s running season went really well, and he posted his best time (and Boston qualifying-time) in Scranton, PA in October (3:13 and change). So, it looks like we will be going back to Boston sometime soon.

We have also gotten involved in dog-sports with the dogs: Rich did a cani-cross race with Shiraz in October (and they came in 1st overall – no surprise if you know Shiraz!) and I’ve started scootering with the dogs. In both cases, the dogs wear mushing harnesses and pull us. Rich connects the dogs to a cani-cross belt, while I connect them to an adult-size scooter (with brakes). It is a lot of fun, and great exercise for the dogs.

2011 promises to be very busy – we have another cruise planned in the new year, then putting the house up for sale and moving. I will try to be more diligent in posting updates!

Wishing you and yours’ a very happy and healthy New Year!